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Patch notes for 119.4
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uz jsou prvni zminky o tom co bude v dalsim patchi - 119.4

1. Engineering Complexes now have their own unique brackets which will make them instantly distinctive from Citadels.
2. Changing the in space right click menu so that with more than 10 items in the structure category, we break it down into groups (e.g. Structure > Citadel > "Lebowskis Holiday House").

Increased the maximum allowed duration of contracts to 4 weeks.

The health bar of an individual fighter in a squadron will now be colored based on the health of the fighte

1. Added a icon with a tooltip to the top left of fitting simulation that lists any missing skills for the fit (Which includes copy to clipboard and buy all buttons).
2. Fighters can now be simulated using a expanded dropdown in the fitting window.
3. Hulls can be found in the Hulls & Fits Panel by searching for the group name (Frigate, Carrier etc).
4. Boosters/Drugs can now be saved in ship fittings.
5. Added the "VIew Market Details" and "Set Filter for Type" right click options to items in the hardware panel.
6. Added more ways to access fitting simulation:
Clicking 'Simulate' button in a Kill Report.
Dragging a Kill Report image to fitting screen.
Dragging a Kill Report link to fitting screen.
Dragging a fit link from chat to fitting screen.
Clicking 'simulate ship' button in the right click inventory menus.

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