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Re:Triglavian Dreadnought - Zirnitra
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Este prej chtej udelat neco jako super bombu proti cap lodim:

Rise then details a new concept that is a work in progress– a heavy bomb, meant to counter capital ships. They intend to use this to create added risk for caps without nerfing them directly. He also wants to create new roles for subcaps and encourage diversity while providing good play/counter play relationships to reward a higher mastery of the ship. The bomb would travel slower, do a ton of damage to capitals but very little to subcapitals, have a large range so that you would have to stagger them for effectiveness and give them large sig and low HP.


O tom uz melou dlouho, ta myslenka je pokud vim od zavedeni HAW gunu, jako protivaha k tomu. Neco na zpusob Attack BC ale bombery, proste glass cannon anticap bomber.

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Re:Triglavian Dreadnought - Zirnitra
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Ukazka velkosti trig dreada, je to nieco medzi bs a dreadom, na nete sa objavuju posty, ze sa z neho da vytlacit 180k dps, nakolko je to pravda neviem posudit...